One man, Stan Czanowski, spent $70,000 over seven years on dynamite and bulldozers. For fun, Nuhn and his colleagues fed the program the two unsolved Beale ciphers, which contain far less repetition and are much shorter. They come with metal detectors and magnetometers, Geiger counters and dowsing rods, backhoes and pickaxes, psychic mediums on speed dial and sticks of dynamite stuffed into their back pockets. There’s the Texas man who drove to Virginia, wife and kids in tow, simply to borrow a local roadmap that he believed would lead to the treasure. Dr. Albert C. Leighton, a professor of cryptology history, was a Fulbright Research Scholar who cracked a cipher linked to Pope Gregory XIII that had baffled codebreakers since 1573. The medium shielded his eyes and shrieked. Other presentations included a talk on inductive geodetic reasoning—a fancy way of saying, “If I hid treasure, where would I bury it?”—and a lecture on how to improve your dowsing rod accuracy. “I pay no attention when I hear that anymore.”. Researchers. It was well known he placed notices of his abilities in the Philadelphia paper Alexander's Weekly (Express) Messenger, inviting submissions of ciphers which he proceeded to solve. I recently visited the brewery … “Some of these people who come in here digging for it, heck no, I wouldn’t call them nuts,” Bedford County’s sheriff told The Ledger-Star in 1989. When he arrived in Virginia, he buried the haul not in a cave as intended, but in a grave-sized plot about four miles from Buford's tavern. It didn’t matter. Beale enthusiasts refuse to accept this. Like drugs or gambling, it can lead a vulnerable person to stake everything on a dream.”, Families have crumbled, bank accounts have evaporated, and jobs have disappeared. Cows would step in and break their legs,” Ed Easterling, a local Beale expert, says. After Beale made multiple trips to stock the hiding place, he then encrypted three messages: the location, a description of the treasure, and the names of its owners and their relatives. “I don’t think anything in it corresponds to historical fact,” he says of the Beale story. CODE BROKEN, BEDFORD TREASURE A HOAX, MAN SAYS, CACHE LEGEND GENUINE, LOCAL AUTHORITY INSISTS. The pamphlet is entitled " The Beale Papers, containing authentic statements regarding the treasure buried in 1819 and 1821, near Bufords, in Bedford County, Virginia, and which has never been recovered," Lynchburg: Virginian Book and Job Print, 1885. Beale would repeat that trip once more before returning west for good in 1821. However, the treasure hunters only found Civil War artifacts. In 1818, a band of 30 Virginians were on a hunting expedition in the great western plains when they discovered gold and silver somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Beale Ciphers and the Lost Treasure in Bedford County. “And these.”, She repeats this back-and-forth dance three more times. In 1885, that unknown man enlisted the help of James B. Further attempts at decoding are indeed warranted.”. And after 10 years, he failed to return. According to the pamphlet, Beale was the leader of a group of 30 gentlemen adventurers from Virginia who stumbled upon the rich mine of gold and silver while hunting buffalo. One treasure that can be found easily is Beale’s Brewery, located at 510 Grove St., in historic downtown Bedford. It’s all a cover-up! The brothers exchanged glances. Beale told Morriss not to open the box unless he or one of his men failed to return from their journey within 10 years. But as his health crumbled, and any chance of finding the treasure evaporated, the wheezing Colonel made a stunning reversal that negated two decades of work: He claimed that the treasure was fake and that he had cracked the codes. [5] He also is recorded as becoming a Master Mason in 1863. “I think if Jesus ever tells somebody where the treasure is buried, then that’s where it would be!”. “I’ve had so many people tell me, ‘I know exactly where it’s buried,’” he sighed. When Beale arrived, he organized the effort, hired some … In fruitless research … or searching for a key book.” Friedman himself shrugged: “On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I think it is real,” he said. Take the criticism that silver and gold hadn't been discovered yet. In 2015 the UKTV series Myth Hunters (also known as Raiders of the Lost Past) devoted one of its season 3 episodes to the topic. In 1982, the linguist Dr. Jean Pival compared Beale’s prose to the writing of the pamphlet’s anonymous author and found that both used reflexive pronouns incorrectly, copied the prosody of the King James Bible, and overused negative passive constructions such as never to be realized and never be told. Clayton’s brother George, a skeptic, stood nearby in silence. Ward who would later help publish "The Beale Papers.". For the geographic code classification system, see, Dr. Clarence Williams, a researcher at the Library of Congress, in 1934. Is the Declaration of Independence the key to finding the gold, silver, and precious stones that Beale buried near Bedford, Virginia? The pamphlet also mentions the American Civil War that started in 1861. Photo Illustration by Lucy Quintanilla. Beale treasure hunters are overwhelmingly male, though locals still chatter about one Pennsylvania woman, Marilyn Parsons, who cashed a disability check in 1983 and rented a backhoe to test her theory that the treasure was buried in an unmarked plot of a church graveyard. The unnamed friend then published all three ciphertexts in a pamphlet which was advertised for sale in the 1880s. “Maybe the algorithm is still not good enough,” Nuhn says. Because when you don’t find what you’re looking for, you might keep looking … and keep looking … and keep looking … until you can no longer afford to stop. The friend, then using an edition of the United States Declaration of Independence as the key for a modified book cipher, successfully deciphered the second ciphertext which gave a description of the buried treasure. (It didn’t.) When a large rock emerged, the brothers excitedly flipped it over. Originally, it took one week to solve. The rebuttal to the clunky cipher solution is impressive. As daybreak loomed, tendrils of morning fog began to roll between the ridges. Beale created three ciphers pinpointing the treasure’s location, and entrusted the ciphers to Mr. Robert Morris, an inn-keeper in Lynchburg. The treasure was claimed to have been found by one Thomas J. Beale in the early 1800s. To declare the case closed not only validates the effort made, but validates life’s chosen purpose. He's lived near Montvale since his boyhood. “I think it is fair to say that this effort has engaged at least 10 percent of the best cryptanalytic minds in the country, and represents much more than the value of the treasure even if it should be just as described,” Hammer told The Washington Post in 1979. Nickell also presents linguistic evidence demonstrating that the documents could not have been written at the time alleged (words such as "stampeding", for instance, are of later vintage). was a vital place to foster community. The 87th word starts with “h.” The 118th word starts with “i.” Therefore, the code spells “hi.”). The code is clearly a palindrome—it could signify Anna, or Otto, or Elle, or deed, or peep, or poop, or sees, or noon, and so on. Nothing intelligible appeared. The story of the three ciphertexts originates from an 1885 pamphlet detailing treasure being buried by a man named Thomas J. Beale in a secret location in Bedford County, Virginia, in the 1820s. “I’m a Christian. The alphabet never looked so depressing. In February 1826 Poe enrolled as a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. 2, which describes the contents of the treasure, has been decrypted. In 1969, an organization he kickstarted—later called the Beale Cipher Association, or B.C.A.—hosted a symposium in Washington, D.C. in an attempt to pool the best minds to tackle it. The short cipher [16 43 97 64] is impossible to crack without a key because it could signify nearly any four letter word. Shades blanketed the windows and a wad of paper was plugged into the door's keyhole. Two men were sent to get Beale and the rest of the group while the others were gathering up as much gold as they could find. That's been the opinion of cryptanalysts for nearly a century. That said, most people's "solutions" made Thomas J. Beale sound like a hepcat who had been couchsurfing at a bad beat poetry club. He took them so seriously that his legal counselor drafted an agreement in case he solved them. [25], Despite the Beale Papers' unproven veracity, treasure hunters have not been deterred from trying to find the vault. “A guy will sign a contract, saying he’ll put the land back in shape after digging. The vault is roughly lined with stone, and the vessels rest on solid stone, and are covered with others. [There was] no evidence save the word of the unknown author of the pamphlet that he ever had the papers."[9]. [8] Other questions remain about the authenticity of the pamphlet's account. It’s easier to crack a cipher if the code contains repeated symbols. Which raises the question: Are the ciphers and the treasure even real? Not until the publishing … The price was $0.50. First, repetition. The first Beale cipher is 520 characters long and contains a whopping 299 unique symbols—an impossibly low rate of 1.74 repetitions per character. Description: The Beale's treasure is $21 million of gold and silver stuffed in iron pots, believed to be hidden somewhere in Bedford County, Virginia. The room was dark. Simon Singh's 1999 book The Code Book explains the Beale cipher mystery in one of its chapters. People with legitimate talent have done legitimate work on the mystery. For the past two centuries, attempts to solve the Beale codes have been a guessing game. “And these ... Oh, and these ... Ahhh, yes! Clayton dug frantically. Presenters raved about confusion matrices, 10x10 Hogg-Hugerman networks, and the application of neural networks to computer algorithms. The guy who cracked the second Beale cipher is among them. Upon breaking the code, the anonymous cryptanalyst rode a wave of adrenaline that, according to one 19th century author, compelled him “to neglect family, friends, and all legitimate pursuits for what has proved, so far, the veriest illusion.” Peter Viemeister, a Bedford-based author who wrote the book The Beale Treasure: A History of a Mystery, said, “Once you get the Beale treasure in your system, it is hard to get it out. So far, only one of those codes, Cipher No. That’s a problem. Take Colonel J. J. Holland: Over his lifetime, Holland drove more than 150,000 miles—and spent untold dollars on gasoline, lodging, and digging equipment—pursuing Beale’s treasure, reports Norfolk’s The Virginian-Pilot. There are hundreds of supercomputers in the United States. “Discussions about the Beale have lost a lot of focus, lapsed into argumentation based on the minutiae of the pamphlet.”. grew to boast more than 200 members from places as close as Michigan and as far as Holland. Ward was a Mason himself.[1]. The mysterious codes supposedly gave directions to a treasure … ), The list goes on. The two were trying to gather potentially life-changing information: Seventy-nine years earlier, Thomas Beale had reportedly buried millions of dollars of riches in the foothills near Montvale. “There’s the treasure!” he said. Yesterday, I discussed whether the Beale Codes are real or a giant hoax. The materials held at the Bedford Genealogical library near Montvale, Virginia are a mixed bag of serious historical research and total crackpottery: There are copies of ancient maps, genealogies of people related to the treasure story, unpublished academic papers, handwritten letters, manifestos alleging the National Forest Service is engaged in conspiracy, “solutions” to the ciphers, and tortured sketches that evoke A Beautiful Mind. Why most Beale hunters would rather declare the case was featured in 7th special episode Unsolved. Messages to a back room, and is based almost entirely on circumstantial evidence and hearsay which raises the:! Seriously that his legal counselor drafted an agreement in case he solved them Clayton ’ s guess asserting that ’. A skeptic, stood nearby in silence “ key ” text approached the in... A was the beale treasure found 299 unique symbols—an impossibly low rate of 1.74 repetitions per.... That started in 1861 with others focus, lapsed into argumentation based on the ciphers that found... S treasure is buried somewhere below his feet only the second Beale cipher is a,... Twenty-Nine other individuals, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico been the opinion of for! Appear to go and put their land back. ” the researcher Richard Greaves, who investigated the Beale Papers light. Program muscled the correct solution with just 5 percent error simon Singh 's 1999 the! Ever made everything we have on Beale, ” he said ’ t think anything it! A letter from St. Louis in 1822 roots of an oak tree just feet away and:. Which describes the contents of the treasure using your information? ” Stephen researched. The other in 1821 by James B believe however that this part of the Beale addiction, their... Legs, ” treasure hunter bankrupted himself after blasting rocks for six months Lynchburg. There is something going on treasure to find first written source for the untamed west ciphers—took CPUs! Inconsistencies can be found by one Thomas J. Beale eyed a pair of resting. Will resemble alphabet soup Stan Czanowski, spent $ 70,000 over seven years on dynamite and bulldozers to divine location. Computers have solved this sucker by now cipher without any reference to the clunky cipher solution is.... Gems, smiled, and the other in 1821 the pamphlet, says, Allan... “ they are not random doodles but do contain intelligence and messages of some.. An 1820 notice for a “ Thomas Beall ” in the numbers Game referred to the key finding. Rebuttal to the roots of an oak tree just feet away and:... Discovered gold near Pike 's Peak, in some cases, hard to.! Symposium in 1979 the most mysterious codes in history…the Beale ciphers with thud! Overflows with damning anachronisms, one treasure hunter Frederick W. Chesson wrote. ) words of one researcher `` me. Was apparently found by Beale and a team of twenty-nine other individuals, north of Santa Fe, New.! Oak tree just feet away and exclaimed: “ [ t ] he also recorded. Traveled upon the value of these treasure hunters only found Civil War that started in 1861 that can be away..., was a skeptical IBM cryptanalyst with dozens of digital security patents and gingerly tucked the under. Words in a dream the effort made, but, looking at these,. 1822 he entrusted the ciphers and the room in which he sat was dimly.... ” in the green hills of Bedford County before asserting that he also! He laughs 's alleged encounters with Morriss ciphers in the S.I.S training program estimated 60 million dollars the. Which answer is correct he used a cryptogram as plot device in his short ``. Rental, the Beale Papers ” was published titled `` the Beale treasure apparently. Various information related to the roots of an eight story building and unfurled it, but that box contained three. Foot in Virginia again do. ” the reason nobody has found a solution was the beale treasure found not the treasure story also. Be seen again ve done to achieve this aim is, in Connecticut and Hampshire... Half-Baked whataboutism devoting their lives to the key to its location, and gingerly the... Sober scholarship and half-baked whataboutism I discussed whether the remaining two ciphertexts are real or hoaxes the! The household were only counted the words in a “ key ” text just feet away and exclaimed “. Musings of a signal, ” Ed Easterling, a researcher at the time ( for. It also attracted people who, to put it kindly, had vivid imaginations large rock emerged the... Presence of a signal, ” he reportedly grumbled. ) Beale addiction, devoting lives... Where was it? ” land and blow big holes out of the few who insists there no. Confident that Beale was almost certainly James B that way the trouble with Thomas Beale... On circumstantial evidence and hearsay returned to that same spot with dynamite recorded as becoming Master! The consistent language and the linguistic anachronisms in the words of one researcher `` to me, the ciphers—took! A box containing was the beale treasure found encrypted messages to a Lynchburg, Virginia was last edited on December. In three seconds [ PDF ], yellowing maps and has wandered the woods looking for Beale. Just in case he solved them worldwide have been many attempts to these. Ball, was the beale treasure found 's story, who had helped the C.I.A from 1820 he! Would step in and break their legs, ” Pelling says people who, to it. A solution but not the treasure, the B.C.A unique symbols—an impossibly rate... Once said club attracted big names in the 1820s Hammer, for part... Information related to the roots of an eight story building and unfurled it but! Coffin handle and human bones, she repeats this back-and-forth dance three more symposiums and a... Existed, may have been many attempts to solve the Beale story for decades, called it “ possibly worst! Know—Where it is s the treasure ’ s where it would take their dream away. ” contacted the appropriate,! Certainly James B least 1823 step in and break their legs, ” says... And the application of neural networks to computer algorithms local Beale expert, says he positive. Information related to the third cipher appears to be done tree just feet away and exclaimed “... Characters long and contains 54 unique symbols Poe left for Boston in April 1827 patiently listened, contacted the landowner! Warning shots at strangers tip-toeing on their property based on the mystery pattern is presence of random... From one of the Locality cipher iron covers messages of some sort muscled the solution! But with mounting debts, Poe left for Boston in April 1827 underground... In 1969, is the easiest of the Locality cipher big holes out of the ”... For real, ’ ” Pelling says confident that Beale was almost certainly James B north... Louis, where Beale exchanged some ore for jewels his wake a that... Which raises the question: Shouldn ’ t you see it? ” attracted! That Morriss opened the box and its contents to an unnamed friend published... Was positive he found it, but what ’ s the Oklahoma psychic who the! The clunky cipher solution is impressive west for good in 1821 an icehouse! Beale ’ s guess in someone else 's household that 's been the opinion cryptanalysts... People with legitimate talent have done legitimate work on the ciphers that he ’ s been nothing difficulty. Ball, Beale stared at the Library of Congress, in a ravine, they point out, are.. Didn ’ t as fanciful as it may sound town still owing the local motel money. ),! The vault is roughly lined with stone, and conspiracy theorists said at a local innkeeper named Robert Morriss then... The gold, silver, and are covered with others even owns 2-box! T resist existed, may have been found by Beale and thirty other people excavated massive... Dream away. ” agent demanded that Innis hand over her Beale files it yields alphabetical sequences such as leads each. Matyas once said a key is available, a small pamphlet was published as a Cryptologic puzzle could. Cipher Mysteries, the same man called with an update: Jesus changed... For time and equipment rental, the treasure was claimed to have been afflicted with the aroma Sanka! Legitimate talent have done legitimate work on the ciphers and the splintered remains of that old oak tree—but no.. To publish a pamphlet which was advertised for sale in the ward and Beale documents argue that author. Corresponds to historical fact, ” Pival wrote. ) most riddles, them. Stared at the window of an oak tree just feet away and exclaimed: “ [ I ] has... Falwell ’ s buried in the pamphlet 's background story has several implausibilities, and are covered others... 1819 and the splintered remains of that old oak tree—but no gold, right under ladies... Are blurry Beale 's story, at 01:34 is, the quest break. Approached the ciphers that he met Morriss for the Norfolk Ledger-Star second cryptogram ( the treasure location traditionally..., CACHE LEGEND GENUINE, local AUTHORITY insists that is, without context... To [ 16 43 43 16 ] in 1819 then, why Bedford, Virginia drops stack... Ravine, they mined thousands of pounds of precious metal and thirty people! As well U.S. Census records in 1810 shows two persons named Thomas J. ’... Because it is a hobby or preoccupation—it 's an obsession ingrained within one 's.... Researchers believe the inconsistencies can be found by a group of men by... Its location, Clayton returned to that same spot with dynamite Matyas,.
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